Build your own smart baby monitor with Intel & Ubidots

There are lots of wearables in the market nowadays. We found it interesting to see one for babies being built within the maker community. The materials needed to make the monitor are affordable, and it’s a great tool for parents who might want to check more parameters about their babies than the ones provided by a webcam.


Build a baby monitor that lets you know if a baby is playing, crying, or sleeping. You can also track temperature and get an alert if there is an abnormal reading.

These are the devices and tools you will require:

  • Intel Edison Module: ideal for wearables, among other reasons, due to its flexibility and is Wi-Fi Bluetooth integrated.
  • USB cable
  • Ubidots account
  • Jumper Wires
  • 16×2 LCD Display
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Analog Microphone
  • Arduino expansion board for Edison

If you want to read the full step-by-step tutorial, click the link below:

If you don’t have an Ubidots account, you can get started for free today!

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