4 Big IoT Wins for Smart City Pioneer, Santander, Spain

When our Victorian predecessors predicted how technology would transform public life, they imagined pedestrians crossing rivers via miniature hot air balloons, and police officers with mechanical wings. Far from flashy personal flight devices, the watershed technologies transforming today’s cities are discrete, often invisible. In the “Smart City” of Santander, Spain, everyday objects—lampposts, buses, waste bins—are embedded with innovative Internet of Things (IoT) technology. And they’re improving quality of life in ways the Victorians couldn’t have fathomed.

©-Smart-Santander-Sensors.pngCovering just a few city blocks, the smart city of Santander has deployed hundreds of sensors to measure all aspects of public services including street lighting, garbage collection etc. © Smart Santander

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Using an IoT Platform vs Do It Yourself (DIY)

When we discuss the Internet of Things technology as a harbinger of the evolution of technology, we are also talking about the technical expertise and extensive scalability options that are required for building even the tiniest building blocks of design and implementation. In fact, all IoT solutions that we develop and implement are designed with the goal of keeping them up and functioning in the long run, which in turn has increased the level of knowledge and expectations that customers have with companies that produce and deliver high-end IoT solutions.


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Atmospheric data collection using High Altitude Balloons, Linkit One and Ubidots

During the contest Smart devices for Smart Cities, launched by Mediatek Labs, this team of aerospace engineering students setup a Linkit one to log atmospherical data to Ubidots as it went up.

The balloon would collect atmospheric data such as temperature and hydrogen concentration, with the help of a High Altitude Balloon, Linkit One and Ubidots. To see their project in detail, check out their entry in our Hackster hub: