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Learn to build Industrial IoT applications

Build you own ultra-reliable, low-cost GPS tracking app in just a few hours

Ubidots and Digital Matter partner to power smarter, faster telematics and GPS solutions. If you work in transportation, or have an affinity for taking the back roads, you’ve likely experienced GPS failure: this app is telling me my truck is…where? Digital Matter (DM) is here to make tracking tools better  — providing smarter, ultra-reliable white-label..

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Connect your ESP8266 to any available Wi-Fi network

The ESP8266 is a microcontroller developed by Espressif  Systems. Known as a WiFi Module, this microcontroller has the ability to perform WiFi related activities like Internet of things applications and home automation. Ranging in price and features, there are many types of ESP8266 modules available, but all of them are incredibly useful for IoT world…

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Top 4 online tools to simulate HTTP requests

The Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is a client-server protocol powering most of World Wide Web. Every time you surf the web, your browser is sending HTTP request messages for HTML pages, images, scripts, and styles sheets. Web servers handle these requests by returning response messages containing the requested resource, completing the HTTP request-response cycle. Just like your browser or..

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Particle+Ubidots Do you know how your plants are feeling?

Build and deploy a soil moisture and temperature sensor using a Particle Device with Ubidots Platform. Nothing will replace walking out and handling soil for yourself, but today’s technology has made it possible to remotely monitor soil and track parameters that are unmeasurable to the human senses. Soil probes like the SHT10 have advanced technologically..

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Hands on the AirPi Kit v1.4, a weather station using Raspberry Pi

AirPi is an plug-and-sense, low cost weather station. It works as a shield for the Raspberry Pi, gathering data about temperature, humidity, air pressure, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, light levels, noise levels and even more. In this article we’ll connect the AirPi Kit to the Ubidots cloud, creating a connected WiFi weather station. Once the AirPi is plugged to..

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