IoT Startup Weekend @ Denver

Last week we had the opportunity to sponsor the IoT Startup Weekend in Denver:

As stated in the event’s official page:

Let’s say you’ve wired up your Particle Core with some sensors and you’re able to access that data via the Internet. Awesome. But where does that data go? What does it do? That’s where Ubidots comes in. Ubidots provides the infrastructure to make sense of your sensor data. You can watch your data stream in on a real time dashboard, or trigger actions when the sensor value hits a threshold.
Ubidots will provide high usage accounts for all participants during the event, and the three winning teams will each get free starter plan subscriptions for 1 year.
Thanks to the event’s organizers for counting us in.
Btw, if you’re new to IoT, find the closest IoT or Makers event near you. It’s possibly the best way to get started!

How to build a parking sensor to solve the pain of finding a free spot

In this project we’ll build a simple parking sensor using a Raspberry Pi. It turns out that every morning I have to face this question: is the ONLY parking spot in front of my office already taken? Because when it actually is, I have to go around the block and use at least 10 more minutes to park and walk to the office.
So I thought it would be cool to know whether the spot is free or not, before even trying to get there. At the end, the result was a nice widget that I could check from my Ipod or mobile phone:


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