Common Concerns When Implementing IoT (And How to Respond)

How to Convince Your CEO to Invest in IoT (3/3)

This is the part 3 of our “How to convince your CEO to invest in IoT” blog series. Previously in part 1, we demonstrated some organizational and institutionally biasis against IoT. Then, in part 2, we explained the fundamental components of IoT and the benefits of implementation. Lastly, in this part 3, we will conclude with some common concerns with answers worth presenting to leadership.

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Creating an App using an IoT App Enablement Platform (Infographic)

The term IoT Platform has become quite popular and generic, being used to describe almost any software piece that communicates with devices. However, by definition, a software can be considered a platform only if it enables third-party innovation. This infographic focused on IoT Application Enablement Platforms (AEP), which are meant to enable developers to rapidly deploy an IoT application or service without worrying about scaling, and in some cases, even without worrying about coding at all.


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