Controlling Industrial Flow Using IIoT Connected Devices

Industrial process control has long been associated with legacy systems in the shop floor. As Internet technologies continue to advance, bringing increased security and connectivity, manufacturers have begin to turn to connected devices to bring their industrial processes online.

This video, made by our friends at VERSE Technology, shows a practical example of how a Liquid Injection process can be controlled remotely from the Internet.


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A Solar-Powered Water Monitoring System

Water is the single most important element for our health and environment. What can we do to preserve it? Monitoring its quality is a good start. Be it in a swimming pool, an agricultural crop, a municipal water facility or a remote well in Africa, preserving clean water can help both reduce unnecessary waste and benefit our health.


Water quality measurement can be expensive and time-consuming. This is because its parameters are not only physical, but also chemical and biological, requiring some of them to be sampled and analyzed at laboratories.

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