Changes to Particle Library?


My students just discovered that one of our trustworthy methods, sendAll() seems to have disappeared in Ubidots 3.0 (the Particle Library version thereof). Out of curiosity, why was it removed?


Greetings, the library was refactored from zero. The method sendAll() was replaced by a new one tagged as send(), also many of the past methods are not available now and have been refactored to make easier to send or retrieve data and also to support more communication protocols, because of this, there is not backward compatibility and the version was upgraded from 2 to 3. I advise you to check the library’s new examples to see how to use it properly (do not forget that the new library works if your device’s firmware is greater than 0.7.0)

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Am I correct in reading the new example to mean the requirement to batch sends in groups of <5 for each

sendAll() is no longer?


Greetings @CSU_CropsTesting, the limit of variables to store in the structure array payload has been upgraded to 10.

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