Decimal places settings


Hello forum,

When looking at dashboards from my main Ubidots login the charts show two decimal places, which is what I need. But when I log in as a user the same data shows only one digit after the comma. Regardless of what I set in the user’s profile settings under “Decimal Places,” it remains the same.

Anything else I need to set?



Greetings, thanks for the feedback. I have shared the issue with the development team in order to fix it. I will post back to you once we solve it.

All the best


Hi Jose,

Any news on this issue yet?



Greetings Hein, the issue was solved some time ago, my apologies as I forgot to notify you through this thread. I have looked into your issue and your app settings are set to plot one decimal point:

If you wish to plot more decimal numbers in your app, set a higher number in its settings or go to the user’s profile and set the number of decimals to plot:

Actually, the color of the decimal numbers to plot is red, which means that it has not been set, once you set it, it should become blue.

For future issues, please gently contact us using the embedded chat as you, as industrial user, have access to this premium support channel which is faster than writing in our community.

All the best.


Got it, thank you very much.