Derived variable not updating



have connected my SG measuring device with ubidots, the thing sends a two decimal tilt factor and an SG, which is for some reason rounded to increments of 10 (thus useless) with the tilt values and and the cut of points I´ve derived a polynominal formula which should return the correct Plato factor. then using the plato to Gravity formula I´ve added the following formula (1+(0.018642tilttilt-1.628142tilt+37.531996)/(258.6-227.1(0.018642tilttilt-1.628142*tilt+37.531996)/258.2))*1000

where the tilt variable nicely highlights. However after receiving tilt values I still see no calculated sg value.
what am I doing wrong here?
is it the brackets or the tilt*tilt to get a squared value?
any help would be appreciated.



replaced it with a ‘simpler’ formula, still no result

round(-0.020306tilttilttilt + 4.001692tilttilt - 258.985597tilt + 6545.632094,0)