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Inactive Account - Please Help

Hello, today when logging into my stem.ubidots.com account (smanna), I just say a pop-up with a message:

“Your account is inactive, if you want to continue using the platform you should activate your account.”
Clicking Activate button leads to a plan selections starting with $49/month. However, I have been using just one homemade device since 2021 (Ubidots Education, then Stem Ubidots) with one dashboard (which is gone :(). - what is wrong? Why I cannot use Stem anymore? Please help reactivate my account? Thank you.

Greetings @smanna

I hope you are doing great.
We are sorry about this inconvenience. I’ve already re-activated your account and also made sure that your dashboard is still there.

Please confirm this back to us.

Best regards.
-Juan David

Greetings Juan David,
Yes, I can access my dashboard and device. Thanks for re-activating my account.
Just curious, is there is any threshold that triggers STEM users deactivation?
Thanks again,
Best Regards,
Shantanu Manna

I have the same problem, could you help me?

account: cresh2001