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Is Ubidots down?

I’m trying to access our dashboards, the website loads but no data appears and the menus are not expanding. This is both on my mobile device and computer since this morning…

Are you having down time?

Service came back about an hour after my initial post. As a feature on your website it may be a good idea to show real time status reports. To let customers know whenever there are any issues

Greetings, we experienced some issues in the dashboard access at 00:00 utc -05:00, the service was restored by the development team some minutes later. This issue did not affect data reception and ingestion.

Our apologies for the inconveniences.

All the best.

Kindly post these outages somewhere on your website so your customers can be kept in the loop. There’s nothing worse than to have a fault on your provider’s side and not knowing about it.