List index out of range


self.association = self.browser.find_element(By.XPATH, “//html//div[@class=‘row’]//div[3]/div[1]”).click() #—for click

self.association_input = self.browser.find_elements_by_xpath(’//*[@id=“react-select-3–value”]/div[2]/input’) #— for giving input

self.association_list = self.browser.find_element(By.XPATH, ‘//*[@id=“react-select-3–value”]/div[1]’) #—for on click put value

self.association_list = self.browser.find_elements_by_xpath("//*[contains(text(), ‘%s’)]" % self.dataset.get(‘association_list’))



Dear @Rupali,

Can you provide us more information about the inquiries presented?

All the best,
Maria C.


I am working on the search dropdown list. on dropdown list first i will try to click on the drop down list by using XPATH which is “association” , then I am trying to put the value like ‘a’, which is “association_input” and with ‘a’ alphabet it will search the list and display that. on “association_input” i am getting error “Index out of range”…

please give me a solution…


Dear @Rupali,

After reviewing your code we notice that your code is no related to Ubidots Platform. If we are wrong, please let us know in which of the Ubidots module are you working on so we can give you an assistance on it.

All the best,
Maria C.