Make an event to POST and DELETE a {context}



I am trying to make an event at certain value it POST a {context} and a {status} so it appears on the map

I want to make another event when it reach another value it delete that {context} so the location disappear from the map widget

I made already a web hook event when value is equal to zero and it;s working

{“value”:0,“context”: {“lat”: 35.658602, “lng”: -97.474845, “status”: “free spot”}}

is there a way to DELETE the context from the value so the location disappears

I only found that to delete a value I need to select TIME period

I thought about deleting the whole variable but I can’t show it again on the map widget

P.S : I am also wondering if I can use the DELETE REQUEST for the values and a certain TIME STAMP that have a big range so it can delete all the values


Greetings @mafify, I strongly advise you to avoid DELETE requests to write again the same dot in the same timestamp because it can throw different kind of errors (specially in data integrity) in your application. If you need to take off the context data of one of your dots, simply update it in this way:

  1. Retrieve the timestamp of the dot with the context data.
  2. Once you have the timestamp, send a POST request with a blank context and the timestamp retrieved, below you can find an example payload:
{"gps": {"value": 1, "timestamp": 1522157807000, "context": {}}} 

All the best


Hello, I tried your Idea the context data went off but the location marker is still there,
I used the delete function and it worked the location marker was deleted

I want to know if I make the range of timestamp between 2000 and 2060 will it work because I tried to send it manually through and it returned with
“count”: 0


I do not understand very well this: “I want to know if I make the range of timestamp between 2000 and 2060 will it work because”, can you build a little more or your question and to share with us your request?

All the best