Monitoring Air ventilation system for industries


Hi I want to use gas sensor with mesh module for industrial air ventilation system which help to monitor and detect the smoke or any fire, for this kind of monitoring system I am using temperature and humidity sensor with Gas sensor which will share the alert notification regarding any issue on smartphone using Ubibot platform as per some search on google, I read about MQTT protocol which I am not aware of using with Ubibot will share the alert on mobile phone, if the readings are not in certain range which we mentioned while coding, any suggestions to use this protocol will be much helpful.


Greetings, the alert module is not related with the communication protocol that you use so it does not matter if you send data using TCP, HTTP or MQTT, as always as your dots arrives to our cloud and their values reaches the threshold limit already set up in your event, you will receive the alert.

For more information about the events/alerts module, please refer to this article.

For more information about MQTT, please refer to this article.

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