Node-red multiple ubidots inputs allowed?


I am trying node-RED on a Raspberry Pi.

Using the education version.

I find that if I add a new ubidots input node for another device variable, then the input node I already have in my flow disconnects. It’s status reports Connecting indefinitely. The new one is shown as connected. Image appears below in the node-RED editor. The second input is the one just added and it is shown as connected. The first one was there originally and was connected initially but becomes disconnected once I added the second one to the flow.

Any help appreciated.



Good day jjs357,

Thank you for reporting this behavior in Ubidots input Node-Red node. However, while we don’t have plans to update and fix this node for the time being, I then strongly suggest to use Node-Red native MQTT nodes which I already tested and work fine (see image below) subscribing to multiple variable at the same time.

All the best,



Is there any guidance about the data entry that is required inside the Subscribe nodes? Compared to how you configure the ubidots node I was using to get data from ubidots to my flow? Is the mqtt topic the name of the variable. I guess I can explore on my own.


Can you share the clipboard version of this code?