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Rose chart not refreshing in dashboard when timeframe changed

Hi, when I change the timeframe in my dashboard, by graphs and other widgets refresh automatically, butt he rose widget does not. I ned to do a refresh manually to make it do so . Is this a bug?

Hello @tonyg,

I’ve been testing this for a while on my end and so far the widget is responding well to the Real Time update and the Dashboard Date Time selector. Here some GIF depicting my report:

Real Time update:

Date Time selector:

I don’t discard you’re having issues so to better assist, can you please share the Span configuration used in the widget? Also, dummy question, the variables do have data in the requested time range?


Dear David, thank you for taking the time. There is definitely data in the timeframes in question. I have been switching between say last 7 days and last 24 hours, or vice-versa, and the chart does not change, until I refresh the browser tab (I’m using MS Edge) - then it does. Refreshing using the ubidots dashboard refresh does not make a difference. I’ll keep testing, its not a big deal, I will try to give you reproducing steps in my dashboard. Bit busy with Corona ATM! Keep well.

Hi I did some more testing. There is NOT a problem, except with my old fading eyes. My excuse is that there is a strong ‘prevailing wind’ from NNE here - so the major segment of the rose chart was the identical (consistent wind speed profile -therefore colour, and direction) for both time periods - but if I looked much more carefully, near the centre there were some very small segments either side that differed on the 7 day. I am so sorry for wasting your time. Ubidots are the best.

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Hi @tonyg

Glad this has been all worked out.

Have a good one and enjoy Ubidots.