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Show second-level detail on dashboard line chart?

I have an IoT device (power monitor) that runs in-frequently, but sends data at 1-sec intervals in short bursts when it does. So may do nothing for an hour, and then burst 1 dot/sec for 30 secs, then again nothing for several minutes to hours. The total number of dots will be low, but the second-level detail is important to me.

The dots are ingesting correctly and I see in the variable that the individual second-level readings are there. But when I view the data in a line chart (amps v. volts v. watts), either on the variable itself or on a line-chart widget, the only data shown is “Last value”…not the second level detail. I also don’t see the data come in using live-view, again I think only last-value.

Is there a way to show this second-level detail visually, esp when showing multiple values?

[I am on STEM license]