[SOLVED] Download Data is only via email?



I’m currently enrolling on a business package that has been negotiated with the sales team over the last few weeks.
The main attraction to Ubidots is it has the ability to completely allow us to fully customize the branding so it appears proprietary.
However we did for the first time experiment downlaoding data from a variable and the only option was to have it emailed.
when we received the email unfortunately it was from service@ubidots.com_**
Regular exports of Data is expected from our end users. ensuring full branding is important.
Can you advise if the Service@ubidots can be removed or replaced with our branding?
Is it possible to just download direct from the UI to the desktop and not have the email section.

Kind regards


Greetings dear user, the feature that you ask may be performed but it needs an additional integration with the email address from your company. Please contact to your IoT specialist or write to sales@ubidots.com for more information.



Hello @smithtek,

please write to us using the embedded chat with the email address to be used as mailer for your application. Once you send us that information, we can change your email preferences.