[SOLVED] Error 403 and 502


Just hoping someone could help me with this. I’ve been running an Ubidots account with about 40 Particle devices for a couple of months now, and data has always been sent correctly by using a Webhook.

This morning however, I notice every single data publish would either receive Error 403, 502 or simply ESOCKETTIMEDOUT. I have not made any changes anywhere, but just for reference here is the data I’m sending through:

  "name": "publish-with-ack",
  "data": "{\"xx1\": \"408\", \"xx2\": \"404\", \"cll\": \"0\", \"fd2\": \"105\", \"fll\": \"37\", \"lat\": \"49.19\", \"lng\": \"-123.10\", \"tmz\": \"-7\", \"rsi\": \"-61\"}",
  "ttl": 60,
  "published_at": "2018-09-20T18:03:54.186Z",
  "coreid": "2b003c000147363334383136",
  "userid": "593f1074d9b3377725da717e",
  "version": 92,
  "public": false,
  "productID": xxxx

Other devices send similar data (different values). Any ideas on what may have happened? I’m struggling to find any culprits here.


Greetings @Vitesze,

We were deploying a huge updated in our core code and this caused the unexpected error.

The DevOps team has finished with this process so you should not be experiencing this issue now, if yes, please gently let us to know your username for checking.

All the best


Ah thanks Jota, glad to hear I’m not the only one with this issue :slight_smile:

My issue seemed to have been resolved about 2 hours ago.