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[SOLVED] Getting messages "Error loading your data Something went wrong on our end and we were unable to load your data."

For some reason I am now unable to see my data both in the dashboard and under the devices.

If I look at the device ‘ispindel_k_1’ I can see the device is still sending data to ubidots with the last activity stamp.

Please help, hoping ive not lost my data?

Hello @Fozzyp,

Are you still presenting this issue? I had a quick look and it seems to be working ok now.


thanks David, strangely yes its working fine now. Do you why this happened?

Many thanks, much appreciated

Hi, I seem to be having the problem again.

I have deleted old data up until 10 August 2020 to see if this was the cause.

Hi @Fozzyp

That’s because you’ve hit the limit of your STEM account Dots out quota. See the banner in the bottom

Additional information about STEM limits in the below articles

Ahhh, Okay thanks for letting me know, Im using google chrome on windows and dont get the banner.