[SOLVED] Switch topic not working


On my free account this works /v1.6/devices/mako/switch/lv. Im able to turn on and off a switch on a physical device
On my business account doing the exact same nothing happens.

I swap the API key from my free account to my business account.
The APi is definitely talking to my gateway as all the analog values are polled almost ASAP,
It seems like i can send information to Ubidots but it cannot publish back to me.

Can you please have a look.

Kind regards


Hello @smithtek,

For business users we have another broker: business.api.ubidots.com or industrial.api.ubidots.com. We apologize for not letting you know about this change; we made it to ensure the performance of our business users by isolating a separate MQTT broker. This is now reflected in our documentation: