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[SOLVED] "There was an error loading your data"

What to do if a dashboard widget simply says “There was an error loading your data”? Currently (for at least the last several hours), of seven widgets on my dashboard I’ve only got one that’s reporting data. The rest have the message “There was an error loading your data”. And, if I go to a specific device, while I see the last activity reported for the variables, if I try to open the variable data to see the time series, I just get the spinning balls graphic. Any advice/protocol/thoughts on what to do?

Greetings, unfortunately we experience some issues with our services but our engineers have been working hard to solve them and right now we are up and working properly. Our apologies for any inconvenience.


Hi everyone,

I just ran into this problem this morning.

I have the “error loading your data” response, the time series doesn’t progress past the ‘loading’ icon, and any external HTML iframes are also unable to load the data. It is also unable to display the last few readings in the table on the variable screen.

However, I can still see the most recently changed data in the Devices > Device menu.

Edit: After a few hours, I reloaded the page again and I get the “Device Successfully updated” notification. Not sure why it delayed for several hours despite previously pressing reload.


Greetings dear user, we experienced a lag in data ingestion, because of this the dots received by our server were not being updated in the frontend in real time. Our backend team released a patch and deployed an additional job server to increase the data ingestion speed, and right now the incident has been fixed.

Data reception has been not affected and any of the received dots are lost, this was a frontend visualization issue.

All the best