[SOLVED] Uptime Ubidots servers


Yesterday I was not able to open the Ubidots website between 16:00 and 18:00 GMT from different internet connections. The entire website was offline and the Android app was completely dead. Now I see also a gap in all of my measurements which is unacceptable.

What was the reason for this long hickup? Was this planned maintenance? I’m evaluating this system for only a few days and want to know how often this occurs. Do you have any server uptime numbers for educational and business?


Greetings, thanks for reaching with Ubidots. Unfortunately, we experienced a downtime with our free educational portal and all the devices pointing to things.ubidots.com got a 500 response error code, which means a server error. The educational portal is a service-shared server and sometimes due to the number of users using the service at the same time this kind of unfortunately problems may arise.

This issue did not affect our Industrial portal (and the devices pointing to industrial.api.ubidots.com), so, if you are looking for a higher performance and SLA service, please open a free 30 days trial inside our Industrial service which will give you by far a better service and the best of all our features.

About your uptime status question, please refer here.

All the best


Thanks for your explanation.