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[SOLVED] Y-axis decimals not responsive

Using the Line chart widget, y-axis labels always display two decimal points regardless of the number of decimals specified in the “Decimal points” text box under the Appearance header.

There are also issues with axis labels overlapping the axis title when not using the SI prefix option.

Thank you.

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Hello @jwb,

Thanks for reporting this, we’ll try to replicate this on our side. However, could you send us a screenshot showing the described behavior?

Maria H.

Axis overlap visible here, along with 2 decimal places

Chart has been set to 0 decimal places

If you want to remove the decimals mentioned you must do it directly from the global configuration. To do this, select “My profile > My account > Preferences” and assign the desired number of decimals under the “Decimal places” option.

For more information check out this guide.

Maria H.

I’ve been wondering about this as well. What is the actual function of the “Decimal points” setting in the Chart widget? It doesn’t seem to actually do anything.


Hello Will,

I just performed a test in my account and it’s working properly from my side. Can you provide me the name of the dashboard and widget that is presenting the issue? I would like to perform directly in your account.

Maria H.

You’re right, it is working now. When I tried it a while ago (several weeks) it didn’t make any difference. I just tried it again and now it does in fact work, including setting it to zero (0).

You’re always welcome! :smiley: