IoT Dashboards – Attributes, Advantages, & Examples

Ubidots IoT dashboards

For the Internet of Things, or any control system, the dashboard or IoT dashboard is the key HMI (Human-Machine Interface) component that organizes and presents digital information from our physical world into a simply understood display on a computer or mobile device. With the help of IoT Dashboards, users and operators can (remotely) monitor and control specific assets and processes, and depending on safety requirements, access and control an environment from anywhere in the world.

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Ubidots and WIZnet partner for Simple Embedded IoT Solutions

February 22, 2018, Ubidots is pleased to announce its technology partnership with WIZnet, the sole innovator to patent the hardwired TCP/IP technology into a microprocessor chip back in 2001. Since then, a yearly average of 10 million WIZnet chips have been used in various embedded Internet devices worldwide and WIZnet and Ubidots have joined forces to ensure system integrators and IT innovators have not only the hardware requirements to power critical IoT applications but also the software to display, computer and visualize the sensor data in real-time.

A leader in Open Source Hardware, the WIZnet hardware solution consists of hardwired TCP/IP technology, with the Arduino Ethernet Shield that has been recognized as the de facto standard for IoT. (Arduino is an open-source electronics prototyping platform based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software.) The complete series of WIZnet hardware makes your solution simple with the advantages of Arduino and Ubidots.

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The Future is Connected – Connect the dots with Ubidots

February 16th, 2018 – A new day for affordable Cloud IoT Enablement and system integration has dawned for IoT innovators. Today Ubidots realigns our cloud services with a renewed promise to deliver affordable cloud software to value-conscious integrators across the globe.

The convergence of physical sensor data with digital analytics is the bedrock for all IoT projects. To be successful, this convergence must yield insightful data to drive business decisions and improve working situations. With these principles in mind, Ubidots has deployed a complex and conditional Events Engine, Organizational TOKENS, UbiParsers, and has announced user-management tools, device types, global events and variables, and a synthetic variable machine for data computation and retrieval are on the way to better deliver these insights for optimizing businesses and environmental management.

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A Practical Guide to Smart Manufacturing: real examples and applications

Get your copy of Ubidots latest ebook “A Practical Guide to Smart Manufacturing“, a detailed guide to help system integrators to conceptualize manufacturing IoT solutions and applications designed to boost productivity, cut costs, and implement innovative cloud solutions with ease. Continue reading “A Practical Guide to Smart Manufacturing: real examples and applications”

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Built by Makers; For Makers – BigClown and Ubidots Partner for the 4 D’s of Development

We are all makers, and so are you!

January 16th, 2018 – Ubidots and BigClown are thrilled to announce an affordable (and educational) hardware and software solution for makers, innovators, explorers, and educators alike. BigClown and Ubidots were both born from the maker community with innovation not only being a prerequisite but the mission!

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Power hybridization; using supercapacitors in tandem with ion-batteries to prolong the active life of UGV systems

Built, tested, and authored by: Namin Shah, guest IoT author at
Edited by: Dr. Daruisz Czarkowski

Download the Power Hybridization full paper here

Today mechanical electronic devices such as drones and robots are becoming increasingly popular and useful. From life and death, search and rescue operations to entertainment and everything in between these devices are finding their way into our modern society in the air, on the ground, and in the water. Power is, however, a constant issue for these devices and possibly their greatest handcuff in development and use. The contents of this blog and subsequent paper aim to solve a portion of this problem – power longevity. Continue reading “Power hybridization; using supercapacitors in tandem with ion-batteries to prolong the active life of UGV systems”

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Industrial Internet of Things: Efficiencies to Consider

The use of industrial automated machinery and control systems continues to grow as factories and plants implement sensors and actuators to monitor environments and the machines in these spaces. The adoption of technology in these environments has been coined the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). And, as hardware and software solutions continue to drop in price ($30-$300), industries are adopting technologies as tools for economization of resources and energy – leading to increased profits, less waste, and overall increases in operational efficiency.machine handshake.jpg Continue reading “Industrial Internet of Things: Efficiencies to Consider”

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IoT Applications in Retail; 5 Real Examples

The Internet of Things (IoT) buzzword that has been hyped all across the maker market for years is continually becoming more visible, not as “IoT” but as business solutions via digital transformation. With online retailers reigning king over brick and mortar retail stores, Mom and Pops are responding with tech to fight back.

IoT solutions are being created and implemented not only by major retailers with millions to spend on proof of concept and software development, but also makers installing insight driven devices for Mom-and-Pop stores all across the world. This blog will highlight 5 actionable IoT solutions in retail we have seen at Ubidots, the benefits they serve, and how device developments are becoming even easier to deploy with application builder platforms that merge the ever-time-consuming hardware/software integration.

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Infographic – How IoT Works…and some thoughts to guide your development

The term IoT, short for the Internet of Things, is becoming quite popular as businesses and individuals continue to incorporate internet connected devices into their lives. Amazon’s Alexa is an IoT device as is your smart phone. These commercial products already number in the millions, but the largest growth of IoT expansion can be found outside these personal experiences and in our chairs, washing machines, streetlights, factory floors, oceans, and beyond. When referencing IoT, it is becoming increasing difficult to navigate all language, acronyms, and 1,000s of platforms all vying for your attention. To alleviate this headache, Ubidots put together an elementary infographic to help guide the development of any IoT solution. Sure, this is a rudimentary description of an industry driving the next evolution of business and personal efficiency, but with this infographic focused on How IoT Works help you better understand the steps and immediate questions to ask when building any IoT solution.

Live infographic How IoT Works Ed

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Ubidots Announces Embedded Technology Partnership with Zerynth

Ubidots and Zerynth partner embedded solutions with data analytics, and visualizations for your IoT applications.

Ubidots is pleased to announce its technology partnership with Zerynth, providers of a suite of professional development tools that support Python or hybrid C/Python firmware development for 32-bit microcontrollers and the most common  development boards: ESP32 and ESP8266, Arduino DUE and MKR1000, ST Nucleo, Particle Photon and Electron, Flip&Click, Quail, and more. Zerynth was created to simplify the access to the embedded world, and with the Ubidots-Zerynth integration, firmware developers can now connect their designs to the cloud in just a few lines of Python. Continue reading “Ubidots Announces Embedded Technology Partnership with Zerynth”

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