Author: Agustin Pelaez

Ubidots and PubNub Partner to Provide Unrivaled Security, Latency, and Reliability

Ubidots is very excited to join the global data network of PubNub to provide unrivaled security, minimal latency, industry-standardized compliance with critical reliability. The Internet of Things (IoT) is a complex ecosystem to navigate and Ubidots and PubNub look to make it easier for all IoT innovators to create end-to-end IoT solutions. All IoT solutions..

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Particle Tutorial: Smart Garage Door

The Particle community keeps finding cool applications to the Particle Device family. This time it was John R McAlpine V Mac, who built a Smart Garage Door featuring integrations with Amazon Alexa and IFTTT, and data logging with Ubidots: Want to build awesome IoT projects? Sign up with Ubidots for free and make it happen!

DIY heart rate monitor with Ubidots

IoT projects can be very fun and useful. If you thought connecting a device to the Internet, Sending emails or SMS and visualize a bunch of data, could be boring, think twice. In this piece, Ubidots highlights Laura Julianna Vargas Escobar, who built a heart rate monitor to track and can even send alerts notifying loved..

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Atmospheric data collection using High Altitude Balloons, Linkit One and Ubidots

During the contest Smart devices for Smart Cities, launched by Mediatek Labs, this team of aerospace engineering students setup a Linkit one to log atmospherical data to Ubidots as it went up. The balloon would collect atmospheric data such as temperature and hydrogen concentration, with the help of a High Altitude Balloon, Linkit One and Ubidots. To see..

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Choosing the Right Protocol to Send Data to Remote Devices

This article is based on another article that Ubidots contributed to the Sept/Oct 2015 Edition of the Microsolutions Magazine from Microchip. The Internet of Things (IoT) is not only about millions of things talking to us; it is also—more importantly—about us being able to talk back to them. Let’s take retail analysis applications as an example. Suppose..

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WiDo IoT Node Review

We recently got a support ticket about the WiDo board from DF Robot. As it was the first request for this module, we immediately ordered a unit to get our hands on it. After some minutes of playing with the board, we were positively impressed. Its Arduino form factor makes programming a breeze, and the..

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