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Ubidots and Zolertia Partner for Production

May 17, 2017, Ubidots is excited to announce the Ubidots Pack by Zolertia now available in the Zolertia webstore. Navigating the IoT Ecosystem to find an affordable solution for development can be very challenging, expensive, and cumbersome. Looking to lessen the strain on our current and future clients, Ubidots and Zolertia have teamed up to create a single pack for developmental IoT to be prototyped and deployed. Look no further than this packs for both research and industrial development and deployment.


Ubidots is an Internet of Things (IoT) Application Enablement Platform that empowers tinkerers and businesses to build IoT applications that turn sensor data into actionable insights. Hiring an engineering team to develop an IoT application that both functions and looks great are costly in both time and money, so we did it for you. Ubidots exists as a rapid and affordable means to integrate the power of the IoT into your business or research.

Zolertia is a manufacturer and seller of hardware devices (and its firmware images) to connect devices to Internet. Using ultra-low power consumption technology and long-range wireless communication that can implement mesh ad-hoc networks, Zolertia device is designed and optimized for IoT purposes. The devices support a diverse array of sensors and actuators; suitable for different applications in smart-cities, agriculture, healthcare and homecare, security, logistics, metering, and industrial. Support, training, and customization services are also offered out of Zolertia’s Barcelona offices.

Working with Ubidots provides developers with a powerful tool to create live dashboards for analyzing data and collecting RE-Motes and Orion routers.

Together with the step-by-step of how to use Zolertia RE-Mote and Ubidots this featured pack includes:

Re-Mote Suite Platform

  • 1x Orion Router
  • 3x Temperature & Humidity sensors
  • 3x Moisture Soil Sensors
  • 3x Relay
  • 3x Digital Light Sensors

Ubidots is pleased to welcome a complete package for IoT innovators seeking a one-stop-shop for device, connectability, cloud storage, and application enablement. Check out Zolertia’s website for additional product information or begin your innovation today, learn how to connect your Zolertia to Ubidots or check out this DIY amateur weather station for a quick start to your IoT development.