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WiDo IoT Node Review

We recently got a support ticket about the WiDo board from DF Robot. As it was the first request for this module, we immediately ordered a unit to get our hands on it.

After some minutes of playing with the board, we were positively impressed. Its Arduino form factor makes programming a breeze, and the fact that it integrates a WiFi module makes it very attractive for most IoT projects (no need for a WiFi shield).

In fact, if you were to buy an Arduino and a WiFi shield, it would cost you at least $25 + $45 = $70 USD!

Instead, for just $29.90 USD you’ll get a nice looking board that’s easy to program and reliable enough for any IoT project, maybe even at an industrial level.

In fact, in our first test, we left the unit running for 24 hours and experienced no resets or unexpected heap memory issues, as we have experienced with other Arduino-like products. On the downside, we felt that each HTTP request was a bit lower than other modules like the Linkit ONE, achieving one request every 8 seconds, which is not enough for real-time applications.

Check out our tutorial to connect the WiDo IoT Node with Ubidots.

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