2-3 datapoints per one received data?


Hi Ubidots community!

I don’t know if there is another thread with this but I couldn’t find one so I made this.

I got a Particle Electron 2G connected to Ubidots cloud via Particle console WEB-hooks. It has worked just fine for a long time, but now it starts to receive 2-3 data points per 1 data I send to Ubidots.

I send a single variable to Ubidots, the cloud receives the data and logs it, but then 5-30 seconds later it logs a new data point with the same value as the former one and sometimes again a third time. The problem is I know for a fact I didn’t send the second and/or third variable, so where does it come from? and how can I stop it?

Thanks in advance,


Hello @nme,

Based on the behavior presented, please follow the points below to verify where can be the issue:

  1. Refresh the browser when the variable shows the repeated data point and verify if the value still appear in the values list.
  2. Export the CSV file of the variable from the variable settings icon, and verify if the value repeated appear in the exported data.

Please let us know the behavior presented by your side so we can verify where can be the inconvenience.

All the best,
Maria C.


Thank you for the quick reply.
it appears to by an error from my side after all and not UBIDOTS.
Sorry for the inconvenience.



Don’t worry, we are here to help you! :smiley:

All the best,
Maria C.