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The Ubidots platform reflects our values, and our culture. Meet the principles that guide our team, our product development, and our customer engagement—helping build our connected future, together.


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A smarter world
is a better world

No matter its size, each and every IoT Application has a positive impact on natural resources, people's lives, or both. Compounded again and again, these efficiencies are helping shape a better, smarter world.

Smarter Farms
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Smarter Farms
Small, family-owned farms produce over 70 percent of the world’s food.
AgTech startups like Viridix and Asimetrix use Ubidots to bring IoT to thousands of farmers around the globe, helping them grow more with less.
Smarter Environment
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Smarter Environment
The world’s most valuable resources aren't data or oil. IoT is helping preserve the ones that actually matter: air, water, soil, and even wildlife and their habitats.
Startups like Ambience Data are using IoT and Ubidots to provide localized air quality data to Indian schools and municipalities, helping them make healthier, smarter decisions.
Smarter Cities
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Smarter Cities
Cities might seem chaotic, but they are never random. Everything about them grows out of needs to solve problems, and IoT is here to help.
Tech companies like Peclet are using IoT to optimize the public goods and services of Australian City Councils and their main clients: the citizens.
Smarter Manufacturing
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Smarter Manufacturing
Because manufacturing is the backbone of our economies, more efficient production means more sustainable development.
Startups like Genial.io are using IoT and Ubidots to help manufacturers save energy, predict breakdowns, and increase productivity while using less resources.
Smarter Communities
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Smarter Communities
Using our FREE educational product, Katelyn Rule and her father built a pressure monitor for an old water plant, avoiding an entire community to go out of water.
From LEGO®-based wildfire detection, to environmental monitoring projects, thousands of students have relied on Ubidots STEM to learn IoT, discover their passion for making, and inspire our connected future.
Smarter Care
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Smarter Care
From overcrowded hospitals and unprecedented costs, to growing demand from aging populations—our healthcare systems are on the line.

Trailblazers like Netux and Datasense are turning to IoT to transform the system—creating million-dollar businesses in the process.

Join our team
Finding your tribe

When looking for a new job you’re not just looking for an employer; you’re in search of a tribe—your tribe. A diverse group of people that shares similar principles, dreams, fears, and goals.

At Ubidots we don’t have open vacancies, but we are always hiring. We’re constantly on the lookout for the next talented, like-minded team player who believes impact comes before recognition, attitude comes before aptitude, and learning is the only constant.

If this sounds like you, keep reading.

Ubidots Core Values

Picture of Daniel Raynaud.

Think local,
act global

We believe the worldview of “developed” vs “developing” countries is outdated. Instead, there are magical places—not countries—becoming magnets of ideas, capital, and talent from around the world, inspiring purpose-driven teams to build global products that drive wealth and change to local communities.

Latin America is home to many of these places, and growing Ubidots from Medellín has only strengthened this ethos all while encouraging thousands of fellow IoT entrepreneurs to build world-class businesses without leaving home.


“Ubidots brain power couldn’t be kept to just a few customers in Latam”

Daniel Raynaud
Ubidots Lead Investor, Serial Entrepreneur
& former PM @ Google

Picture of Gustavo Angulo.

Learning as a
super power

Knowledge is power, but learning is a superpower.

We believe there’s a limitless body of knowledge and ideas out there, just waiting to be discovered. We love to think about the things we don't know we don't know, and place growth at the heart of our work as professionals, and as humans.


“In another life, I could have been a full-time professor”

Gustavo Angulo
Ubidots CTO (and your future tech mentor)

Join us in our mission to enable
the data-driven future, today.


Our product is the culmination of thousands of conversations with users building IoT projects out in the wild, abstracted in a way that is flexible enough to empower theirs, as well as the next thousand use cases.

This first-principles, user-centric design keeps us true to our guiding principles, bypassing the mainstream and disregarding the copycats.


Move strong,
and break things

At Ubidots, we value quality over speed. We prefer building on a strong foundation, than moving fast and breaking things. In the process, we’ve learned to embrace creative destruction, attention to detail, and stress-testing every piece of our platform.

Because our product reflects our ideals, we hold our work, ourselves, and each other to the highest of standards.


We’re makers
at heart

The more we grow, the truer we want to stay to our roots:
makers who still find glee every time a new device connects to the cloud.

We are constantly inspired by fellow engineers, designers, scientists, hackers, and innovators solving problems through IoT, and it's their challenges that keep us moving forward.

Check out some of the projects our team members have created during their free time (powered by Ubidots, of course).


Join our team

If you’d like to join a supportive, hardworking team of like-minded individuals—with a passion for learning, creating, and empowering world-changing projects from the heart of Latin America—we’d love to hear from you.

Help build a smarter, more sustainable future with us, one idea at a time.