Connection reattempting again and again


Hey there, i am using esp-32 dev kit module in dual core mode while also using the interrupts and WiFi both and attempting to fetch the data from ubidots server. And it too works properly - it fetches data in proper manner but then it loses the mqtt connection and attempts to connect to the server again and again. it does this every fraction of second when it loses the mqtt connection. It isn’t supposed to be coded like that. The program works in manner of definition but the mqtt connection is being lost as soon as the data are fetched from the server - it again tries to connect to the server. The problem i perhaps assume is with the api because the device is in good network of wifi evenly there isn’t any power supply problem - the device is fed enough required amount of power needed. and also the hardware is not getting reset - not evenly the wifi is disconnected. it all works well but the mqtt server connection is lost and the device keeps on reconnecting. … .pl. help.


Hi there, we do not report any issue with our API endpoints, you may test them using another tool like MQTT lens.

From your report I am not sure where the issue may be, but I would start implementing the basic MQTT subscribe example and then to begin to add your interruptions routine to find where the issue is.

All the best