Dashboar on Android Plataform


Hi There

I am new at Ubidots.
I just playing with the Educational App.
I am wondering if the dashboard I created can work on the Android platform. I have noticed that the dashboard is not much responsive on the smartphone. Is that because is Educational platform what I am currently using?
Thank you in advance


Greetings, can you be more specific about the ‘non-responsive’ behavior that you are experiencing? A screen capture will be helpful. On the other hand, are you using the released app in the Google Play Store or you are developing an app by yourself?

Our educational portal is made for learning purposes only, so probably you may find different behaviors or bugs that are already solved in the industrial platform due to the preference in the development roadmap of the last one.

All the best


@jotathebest Gracias por tu respuesta, Ocurre que no estoy usando ningun SDK para Android.
Simplemente copie el link donde genere el Dashboard, me lo envie a mi mismo usando gmail y luego lo abri
en mi cellular… eso fue todo, pero no creo que sesa la forma apropiada de ver el dashboar en un cellular.
Justamente estoy usando Ubidots, entre otras cosas para no usar por ahora , Android u otro OS para cellular.
Gracias otra vez


Because, you use Dashboard share link on phone. All control on Dashboard no response

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