Dashboard Lagging


I have a dashboard with 3 dual variable graphs and a meter. The 3 graphs are graphing values from the same devices the only difference is in the durations between them. The first graphs is 60 data points (to give me an hours worth of data) the next is 1440 (to give me a full day graph), and finally the last one is 10,800 datapoints (to give me a weekly graph).

Everything started out ok, but as the weekly graph filled up I noticed CONSIDERABLE slowdown on the Dashboard, the rest of the site seems fine for the most part, but this dashboard is SLOOOOOW. I understand graphing that much data is probably a chore. Is there a way to build a graph that would represent the data over the last week instead of trying to graph all 10,800 (x2 because 2 sensors) datapoints?


Greetings @jboswell,

for free users the max dots limit to make querys to monitor is 500 dots so your issues seems pretty strange, would you share with us the public link of your dashboard to check please?



Here you go sir!


Hello @jboswell , thanks for sharing the dashboards, we will check the issue right now to solve it as soon as possible.



Just FYI this seems to be somewhat inconsistent, for the last few days it’s been fairly responsive… Maybe less of a server load lately or something? Or maybe it’s the computer I am on? My home computer is actually a lot more powerful than my work one but perhaps it’s running an older chrome, I will check that tonight, I have noticed it’s slower on the home machine for whatever reason I think.