Dashboard not loading for some devices


I have a fleet of 90 Particle devices, all identical (same hardware, firmware, variables). I first created a “Type” and applied it to all devices. I then built my dashboard.

For 90% of my devices, this dashboard works fine. There’s however a few odd ones for which it attempts to load the dashboard for a split-second, but then reverts to a blank screen. I can’t find anything off with those devices; they have the exact same variables, and no variables are showing “weird” data or timestamps that could mess with the Dashboard.

It would be great if anyone could give me a nudge in the right direction for this.

Dashboard that loads correctly

Dashboard that won’t load


Update: Appears to possibly be related to the Tank widget. I replaced the Tank widget in the top-left with the Metric widget (both displaying the latest value of a certain variable) and now the dashboards load correctly.

I’ll continue to monitor.


Greetings @Vitesze, can you please advise your Ubidots username and the dashboard’s name for checking the issue?

All the best