Dashboard privacy


It seems that a created dashboard is always accessible for anyone. I know you have to have to shared link to actually access it, which has a PHP string you won’t guess easily, but that is just security by obscurity.

Is there any way to set a dashboard to be absolutely private, so non-visible for anyone but the account (when logged in)? This is possible with many other cloud IOT hosts, but I cannot find this setting with Ubidots.

Reason for this privacy question is because a shared dashboard may contain meta-data that would be very useful for criminals (burglars).


Greetings, by default all the dashboards in your account are related with a public link to be shared. In the next quarter, we will be implementing a full code refactor to our dashboards and you would choose which dashboard you will be able to share. Meanwhile, if you are an industrial user what I can offer you is to disable all the public links of your dashboards, if you are interested in this just let me know your username and I will ask the DevOps team to disable them for you.

All the best


Hi Jose,

Exactly what I thought. Good to see you are developing this feature to be able to choose which dashboard to hide for the public.

I am not an industrial user, this is more of a hobby project for me. So thank you, but no need to do anything specific for me at this point. I will wait for the next quarter feature release.