Dashboard shared link opens but doesn't load data


Hi all,
Today I made changes to my Dashboard. It opens when I login and I don’t see any problems. If I open a new window in Chrome and enter the public link:

it opens the link and loads the data as long as I’m still logged in to Ubidots. If I close the logged in window, the shared window in Chrome will continue to work. However if I close it, it will open but not load data. What am I doing wrong?


Hi @Microlink,

In this moment I can see the widgets of your dashboard, could you try to check again?

All the best,



You are correct, it does seem to be working now. So why, does it take time for initial data to be saved before it can fully load the Public page? I tried to test this theory yesterday by lowering the number of display points, but it didn’t seem to help.



OK, shared link worked just fine for the last 20 days. Now it’s as I first reported, link and page opens but no data is displayed???



Hi @Microlink,

It was an issue of the platform, our engineers resolved this issue a 3 minutes ago.

All the best,
kath :slight_smile: