Device Dependant Dashboard


My application has 4 different types of devices. A single user may have all 4 device types in his fleet of devices. Each device has a different array of variables. Each device type requires a different dashboard for presenting the its unique data. If you select the wrong dashboard for that device, the data will not make any sense.
I can set a variable, tag, or device property that would distiguish the type of device you have selected.
How can I ensure that the only the appropriate dashboard is made available for that device?

I could hard code everything in HTML custom widget but that seems like a lot of work.



Greetings, when you are creating a device type you may set a task to create a dashboard:

My advise is to create a template using a dynamic dashboard and to assign it to your device type, in this way as always as your device always creates the same variables you will create a new dashboard with the logic that your business needs.

All the best