Erro Esp8266 and Arduino



I am having trouble connecting to ubidots, I need help solving, I am following the tutorial ( Arduino IDE UNO returns me errors

  • I’m using the speed of 115200
  • I recorded new firmware on esp8266 - esp-01
  • I can only work by recording directly on the esp8266 module, but in this precise arduino application as support


Hi @siot,

The Ubidots library currently makes use of softwareSerial.h to emulate ports in an Arduino UNO or some similar board that only has a native hardware port, because this library has problems working at more than 9600 bps and that the ESP module currently works at 115200, you will still have problems with MEGA because our library would continue to emulate the port.

We are working to port this library and enable its use on boards that have more than one native hardware port, without having to look to port emulation.