Error communication with cloud


Hi all, I’m trying to send data to the cloud from my cc13xx node via the GW 6lbr-border-router. I am using the Ipv6 address and the guide on GitHub of G-Oikonomou. I have this problem:



@mariahernandez @jotathebest Can you help me?


Dear @blueberrytech,

The error is presented on the configuration of the device and not connecting to the cloud. As is mentioned in the repository from ContikiThis example was developed, tested and -should- always work for the following platforms…”. Following the note, we can’t ensure the right functionality of the example as this was built by a user and not by a member of Ubidots team. Regrettably at the moment we don’t have a device to troubleshoot this further and attempt to reproduce your configuration error.

For this reason we suggested, the best person to contact is the original author of the Contiki guide.

All the best,
Maria C.


Hi @mariahernandez, I contact the author of this example and it tell me that “the problem it is a new configuration of cloud Ubidots”. The example is old but function. Where is the problem?


Dear @blueberrytech,

Ubidots configurations and endpoints didn’t change since that time, we have been implementing new features, but the API based on the old configuration still been the same.

If the author of the example said that the issue became for the Ubidots configuration (I’m not pretty sure about this point), I highly recommend you reference to the Ubidots REST API Reference or TCP/UDP in order to “modify” the request already build.

All the best,
Maria C.