Get - HTML Canvas with Dynamic Dashboard


I am stuck in the development of a variable that needs to be input and displayed from the dynamic dashboard.

I have reviewed and tried multiple ways based on the Demos you have displayed, the closest one is

But the problem is that here the variables are based on the Variable Id, and after reviewing some information I was trying to access to the last result with Device Lable and not Device ID as follows:

var ubidots = new Ubidots();
var TOKEN = ubidots.token;  
var VARIABLE_Label = 'container';  
var DEVICE_Label = ubidots.selectedDevice; // <<<<<<----- This is the problem - which should be the Label of the device and not the ID

    function getValue(device, variable, token, callback) {
  var url = '' + device + '/' + variable + '/values';

  var headers = {
    'Content-Type': 'application/json',
    'X-Auth-Token': token 

    method: 'GET',
    url: url,
    headers: headers,
    success: function (res) {
      document.getElementById('info').innerText = res.results[0].value;



Greetings @mr_3r , you can interact with the actual selected device using its ID, to know how to retrieve the actual device ID please refer to this guide:

With the actual device ID, you may get its device label using the datasources endpoint.

All the best