Having Trouble w/ Connecting the Raspberry Pi with Ubidots


I followed the guide on connecting ras pi with ubidots. Unfortunately i keep getting this error. My internet connection is fine because i browse with my ras pi.

The error is:

[INFO] Attemping to send data
[ERROR] Could not send data after 5 attempts, please check your token credentials and internet connection
[INFO] finished
[INFO] Attemping to send data

The error just keeps repeating.

This is the code:

import time
import requests
import math
import random

TOKEN = "wov4ph5TTLoEFzcmjZ2QhGgl6vvalB"  # Put your TOKEN here
DEVICE_LABEL = "machine"  # Put your device label here 
VARIABLE_LABEL_1 = "temperature"  # Put your first variable label here
VARIABLE_LABEL_2 = "humidity"  # Put your second variable label here
VARIABLE_LABEL_3 = "position"  # Put your second variable label here

def build_payload(variable_1, variable_2, variable_3):
    # Creates two random values for sending data
    value_1 = random.randint(-10, 50)
    value_2 = random.randint(0, 85)

    # Creates a random gps coordinates
    lat = random.randrange(34, 36, 1) + \
        random.randrange(1, 1000, 1) / 1000.0
    lng = random.randrange(-83, -87, -1) + \
        random.randrange(1, 1000, 1) / 1000.0
    payload = {variable_1: value_1,
               variable_2: value_2,
               variable_3: {"value": 1, "context": {"lat": lat, "lng": lng}}}

    return payload

def post_request(payload):
    # Creates the headers for the HTTP requests
    url = "http://industrial.api.ubidots.com"
    url = "{}/api/v1.6/devices/{}".format(url, DEVICE_LABEL)
    headers = {"X-Auth-Token": TOKEN, "Content-Type": "application/json"}

    # Makes the HTTP requests
    status = 400
    attempts = 0
    while status >= 400 and attempts <= 5:
        req = requests.post(url=url, headers=headers, json=payload)
        status = req.status_code
  attempts += 1

    # Processes results
    if status >= 400:
        print("[ERROR] Could not send data after 5 attempts, please check \
            your token credentials and internet connection")
        return False

    print("[INFO] request made properly, your device is updated")
    return True

def main():
    payload = build_payload(

    print("[INFO] Attemping to send data")
    print("[INFO] finished")
if __name__ == '__main__':
    while (True):


Greetings, if you are using an educational account, change the url endpoint from "http://industrial.api.ubidots.com" to "http://things.ubidots.com".

All the best