How do you send data to Ubidots with ESP-12E Module


Hi i’m new to Ubidots and need some help in programing a ESP-12E Module with arduino code
so I can send data from 5 different temperature sensors (DS18R20) to ubidots I have some of the code done
where I can read the sensors in the serial monitor

I’m having trouble understanding how to send the data to ubidots

please help

here is my code
TestCode.ino (3.7[missing “en.number.human.storage_units.units.kb” translation])


Hi @100bushman,

First, sorry for the time on hold.

We took a look of your code but we recomend you read our documentation for the ESP here, then
if you have any doubts, we are here to help you. On the link you could find the ubidots library for ESP, also the structure that you have to follow for send and get values from ubidots.

Best regards,
Maria H.


Thank you for the help
I am now able to send data to ubidots but its not the correct values
that i am getting on the serial monitor
I am also getting a status code of 201 on the serial monitor

2 of the variable readings from ubidots are 1023.00 and the other 3 are 1.00


Hello @100bushman,

Please send us a capture of your screen to check the serial monitor and ubidots.


Thank you for your help
I have solved my problem