How to send an array of 32 bit integer values in one dot?


Dear folks!

When looking for an IoT platform for my educational seismograph project I found ubidots for education.
Now I am trying to find out if this platform is appropriate for my project.

My context is:
An ESP32 reads 500 32 bit integer values per seconds from a SM24 geophone, which should be stored in an array.
The total array size is 500*4=2,000 bytes.
This array shall be send every second to the platform as a dot.

Is it possible to transfer the array either as a value or inside the context part and to parse the array data inside the platform into 500 integer values with ubidots for education?

Thank you for your attention.


Greetings, Ubidots stores dots that come from your devices inside variables, and these stored dots have corresponding timestamps:


Based on the information above, your variable’s data is stored as time series, so everyone of your 500 values should have an associated timestamp.

You can store your values structuring a payload as below:

{'dot_1': {'value': 1, 'timestamp': 1545834988}, 'dot_2': {'value': 2, 'timestamp': 1545834989}, ... , 'dot_n': {'value': n, 'timestamp': timestamp_n}}

For more information, please refer to our REST API reference.

All the best