Is it possible to bridge a Mosquitto Broker with Ubidots?


Hi There.

I am currently working with a NodeMCU and a Raspberry Pi 3. I’m using MQTT to communicate (The Mosquitto broker is installed on the Raspberry).

I would like to access my data from Ubidots so the best way to do it is to bridge my Mosquitto Broker with the broker Ubidots’ broker. Unfortunately I do not find any tutorial on how to do it.

So my question is: “Is it possible to bridge a Mosquitto Broker with Ubidots?”
And if the answer is “yes” then how can I do it?




Hi @TrashBox,

At this moment we do not have any tutorial to make this configuration, however in a few weeks the technical team will be able to create the tutorial.



Hi @woakas,

Thank you for your answer.
Would it be possible to post the link to this tutorial when it will be available?




Hi @TrashBox

Of course, usually the tutorial is published on the blog or at



Any update no this. I can’t make my broker working with Ubidots.