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Line chart in Dashboard not displaying true values

Using the Dashboard to track data from an iSpindel at 15 minute intervals.
Temp, Plato, Tilt, Battery are all direct data and work fine.
The Specific Gravity is a Synthetic variable derived from Tilt data.
My ‘Metric’ widget displays the Specific Gravity correctly, however the line chart does not (seems to have a fixed input of 1.01). As you can see from the attached screenshot, I am using the same variable (gravity-sg) for my line chart as I do for my widget. It has worked previously using the same settings.
I am starting to think the chart is only showing 2 decimal places and rounding up to display 1.01 ? my line chart is set to display 4 decimal points so ???

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@ubidots Same here for at least 2 days ago. Was working fine for more than a month before for that same widget…

Yes, It is definitely a “Decimal Places” issue. My line charts are tracking the data, but only to 2 decimal places. Temporary workaround - On one of my devices (I have 2 iSpindels) I have created a synthetic variable called SG Chart. It is basically my specific gravity multiplied by 1000. Changed my chart axis to use the new variable (SG Chart) and read from ‘1065 to 1008’ instead of ‘1.065 to 1.008’ - It now creates the chart as it used to.

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