Manage database for sensors using Ubibots


Hey as we are using temperature sensor in automation industry by interfacing with particle photon but I need to clarify some of my doubts as mentioned below

  • I am using 5 temperature sensor and wanted to send the data of every sensor in linear database what tools should I use to make this process happen.
  • What are the buffer management system ubibots platform provide to make the database
  • How can we create a design for line graph for every individual sensor output and also average bar
    graph for sensor outputs.

Your suggestion as well as referring a documentation for making this process happen will be very helpful


Dear @lexi45,

We are glad that you reach out to Ubidots to start building your IoT solution!

Your questions are not too clear for me… In this order can you provide us more information about:

What do you mean by “linear database”?

Can you be more specific about the second question

Can you provide us an example of this?

All the best,
Maria C.


Hey @mariahernandez

I am using 5 X SHT31 sensor with mesh module and I wanted to store the data for every sensor with according to ring buffer system and create cache file(on daily basis) and store it in clouds database and check the old reading through dashboard by designing Line graphs

My main aim to use Ring buffer system and cache file system is to use much lesser space in to store the data


Dear @lexi45,

Ubidots is a Cloud Service which let you send data from is desired; it can be from the cache file, which can be read every a certain period of time or by the sensor directly to the cloud. If you desire Ubidots Support can reach out to you in order to give you a better understanding how you can integrate your solution with the Ubidots Cloud.

One of the greatest features that Ubidots have is the all the options for the visualization of the data. In your case that a line graph is desired, review the video below which can give you a better idea of it:

Don’t doubt request a free-trial of the Ubidots for Business License just to explore all the new features included. For more information, see:

All the best,
Maria C.