Navigate from one dashboard to another


Hello everyone,

I have some devices sending data to ubidots.

I created a a dashboard for each device, where all information is clearly displayed.

Now I would like to create a dashboard where only the main information of all my devices is displayed, let say: ID, # of errors and # of cycles. And from there, by clicking on a link/button, I can easily jump to the specific dashboard of the device (without going to Dashboard\ in ubidots and selecting the one I want).

The same way, I would like to jump back to the Main Dashboard from the specific Device Dashboard.

The whole idea is to easily navigate between dashboards in ubidots.

Any ideas how to do it? I tried with HTML Canva, but i couldn’t.

I appreciate your input and help!

have a nice day,



Hello Francisco!

Regrettably, at the moment, the platform doesn’t contain the feature requested by you! But you will be able to do it using the HTML canvas feature. Please refer to all the documentation related to the HTML canvas feature in the Ubidots Help Center.

To give you a better understanding review the points below:

  1. Take the dashboard list
    1.1. It’s important that the dashboards contain a way of identity to which device is related to it. This can be done, using the name of the ID of the dashboard which can be simply found at the end of the URL of each dashboard.
  2. [OPTIONAL] Take the list of devices and make them match 1-1.
  3. Redirect it to the dashboard desired once the widget is pressed.

I hope this gives you a better understanding of how to start working with it!

All the best,
Maria C.