Publishing data to Ubidots from TI sensortag (MQTT)


I am trying to send data to Ubidots from TI Sensortag CC2650STK.

I am using following configuration.
Broker address :
Broker Port : 1883
Device ID : #####
UserName : [Ubidots API Token]
password : [BLANK]
publish topic : /v1.6/device/sensortag

It is a bluetooth device and I can do above configuration in the mobile app. There are no other configurations available.

I am not able to send data to Ubidots server. Am I missing something?

  1. Is it possible to send data to Ubidots server from sensortag ? I believe TI team has created mobile app including library for MQTT with above configuration.
  2. If data can be sent to Ubidots from TI sensortag, how do I view it on ubidots? Do I need to do any other configuration?


Greetings @miceiot, any device able to create a TCP connection for MQTT is able to send data to our core, you can test how to do implement a basic setup configuration in this video:

Unfortunately we do not have any TI SensorTag with us, so I advise you to understand how to setup properly a MQTT client as the video does and the to adapt the basic MQTT client provided by the manufacturer of the board.