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[resolved] "no last activity" and no variables

I just upgraded from a STEM to “entrepreneur” account. Then I added a second gateway and sensors. But the new gateway and two of the three sensors show “No last activity” and have no variables in them. One of the three sensors does appear normal.

I have a first gateway and sensor that have been working fine.

Here is a screenshot of my devices list. These are NCD devices. The two gateways are the NCD MQTT gateways. I have verified the configuration of the second gateway that is showing “No last activity.”

I think it is an issue with my account. Although I upgraded to “Entrepreneur,” my profile still shows “STEM.” In addition, I cannot create more than three dashboards - I am being taken to the account upgrade screen even though I have already upgraded my account.

Hello @omep-developer,

I’ve reviewed your case and this was an error on our side with the upgrade process. As corrective measures we have already:

  1. Fixed your account so it reflects the IoT Entrepreneur license with its respective included resources and access to modules.
  2. Brought the account balance to reflect the recharges you’ve made.

In addition to this, our Dev team is working on the bug fix and race condition that render this behavior in our system.

Let us know if we can be of any additional assistance.



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My code too is indicating publishing to ubidots but there is no last activity