Send data to Ubidots with ESP8266-01 and pro mini


I’m using esp8266-ubidots-master library to send data to ubidots. It was working perfectly when i was using ESP8266-01 with arduino UNO. As this library needs ESP to be flashed or use it as standalone. Now the problem is i’m using same esp8266-01 with arduino pro mini and when i use that library (esp as a standalone module with pro mini) the code doesn’t upload and it shows espcomm upload mem failed.
i’m using TTL with arduino pro mini that is connected to my laptop usb port.
Esp8266 is attached with arduino pro mini
Are the connections are same as i used with Arduino UNO (gpio0 is also grounded).
Please help me how i can solve this problem


With AT commands firmware my esp is working good with arduino pro mini.


Greetings, for devices that are not supported we always advice to our users to use the standard POST and GET examples provided by the manufacturer for your board, once you understand how to create properly the requests you may adapt those examples to send data according to our API.

Also, in the links below you can find how to build the structured JSON dictionary to send data to Ubidots, you may use them as reference for your custom firmware:

Hope they can be useful for you.



But for this i have to flash the ESP8266-01 because all the above links you sahred uses ESP WiFi library which needs ESP to be flashed. How i can flash ESP8266 with arduino pro mini that is the question


Is it still possible to send data to ubidots using AT commands?


Hello there @zj99, if you want to create your own requests you can do that, you have to create your POST request according to our REST API reference. Unfortunately I do not have an example with AT commands but if you to look into the basics examples of how to make requests you should be able to adapt them to send data to Ubidots.



I don’t know much about AT commands. Please help me how i can send data using AT commands how i can make proper AT commands. If you know someone who already worked with AT commands please mention him here to help me


Dear @zj99,

Regrettably, I don’t have an example with AT commands, but you can see this command reference which will help you to understand how to start with AT commands and the ESP module.

Once you are able to send commands to the module, create the request to POST data according to our REST API reference.

All the best,
Maria C.


Previously i was using just ESP8266-01 with Arduino UNO and was sending hard coded values to Ubidots using Ubidots master library. Now i have some sensors that are attached to Arduino Pro Mini and ESP8266-01 is attached to Arduino Pro mini. If i use this master Library by selecting Generic Esp Board From Arduino IDE the code successfully upload but it don’t get sensor values that are attached to Pro mini… Because ESP is now working as standalone module while the sensors are connected to Pro mini